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A Different Kind of Accommodation

So this picture is from the front porch of a little “cabin” (think fancy storage building With a tiny bathroom) offered at the KOA in Boone NC.

As you can see it’s beautiful setting and the staff was kind and courteous. So what’s the point then you may ask. Well for $92 plus tax you bring your own sheets and make the beds etc. A minor inconveniences to save a few bucks bit terribly inconvenient when you arrive later than you hoped and you have to make the beds so its just one thing that makes me really appreciate what we do here at Acorn and the lengths we go to launder, sanitize make and strip beds so often to ensure a clean and comfortable stay here at Acorn; kudos to the Acorn Staff for making it happen day in and day out!

Also for such a small space it was dirty

and not in a “oops they missed something” but in a “wow, they haven’t gotten in the corners or behind things in quite a while”. Makes you wonder if they are truly addressing sanitizing and disinfecting to a level to stave off Covid. What a shame; but again kudos to Acorn Staff that maintains a 98.5 or higher sanitation rating here at Acorn!

So renting a cabin and bringing your own linens sounds great but when you compare to what Acorn Inn & Suites offers every time you stay for the same money then there’s really no comparison and it makes you appreciate what goes into an overnight stay!

Now that’s a blog!

Thank you Acorn Staff!


Thank you for choosing Acorn!


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