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Acorn supports Crossroads

This has been on my mind for over a week now...Last week at Rotary our two Guest Speakers talked about Crossroads of Alamance and Caswell counties. It’s sad for sure that we have a need here in our community for such a place but Thank God we have them! The incredible People that make up this organization and provide services through Counseling, advocacy, medical attention and support to victims of sexual crimes for both children and adults Deserve a special place in heaven for the work they do. Here at Acorn we want to show Love for this team by giving a nights stay as a respit for those who work on the front lines with these victims. In an effort for them to recharge and continue to fight the good fight of light vs darkness. I can not imagine keeping my tongue or my gun in check after hearing what some of these victims have been through and this team, this collection of Angels, that hear it Everyday and they Deserve our thanks and our support. more to come...Ephesians 5:18

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